013 Osa Outdoor Bench

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A partner to the Osa Outdoor Dining Table, the Osa Bench is made from the same innovatively heat-treated pine. Henrik Tjaerby’s design for the Osa Outdoor Series uses a standardized T-shaped section and minimal components in a modular system. The ingenuity of construction means that Osa Tables and Benches can be span great lengths. Osa is an explicitly functional design that is robust, resilient and adaptable.

The wood will start reacting with UV light very quickly and begin changing colour towards a beautiful silver tone once unboxed. The products will reach their final color after approximately one year outdoors.

Solid pine wood outdoor bench made from sustainably managed Finnish forests, PEFC certified and slow grown.

Vaarnii outdoor products are made of heat-treated pine, Lunawood ThermoWood®. Thermowood is a non-toxic material produced by using only heat, and steam. 

W333 x D37 x H48 cm.

Made in Finland.


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