Lucellino LED Tri-R Table Lamp

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The LED version of the Lucellino by Ingo Maurer is hard to distinguish from the original. However, the light source incorporates elaborate LED technology. The footplate of the Lucellino LED serves as a touch sensor for switching the light on and off and for smooth dimming. When dimmed, while the TRI-R bulb also changes the luminous colour, just like halogen bulbs do. The name is a play on words: in Italian “luce” means light and “uccellino” means little bird. And it’s with the delicate touch of a little bird that Lucellino brings light to the room. 

Table light with a handmade set of goose-feather wings sitting directly on the E27 base. The bulb is manufactured exclusively for Ingo Maurer and can only be used in Lucellino LED. The red cable is soldered onto the bulb. Not suitable for rooms with a high level of humidity.

Includes LED bulb TRI-R 3 W, 2500 - 2900 K

Approximately 30 cm in height. 


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