Kampot Smoked Black Pepper

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Originally from Cambodia, Kampot pepper is a great reference of black pepper. Offered here in a smoked version with an intense woody flavor and warm and subtle notes.

Kampot pepper, from the province of the same name in southern Cambodia, was the first Cambodian agricultural product to obtain a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2010. This is a testament to the greatness and quality of this exceptional pepper.

This smoked version is very versatile and will bring a woody taste to many preparations. This pepper goes well with red meat as well as with seafood with a very subtle taste such as scallops or white fish.

You can use it whole to flavor a simmered sauce or grind it directly on your plate just before serving.

SUR LES QUAIS is a gourmet fine food brand founded by people who have a passion for travel and beautiful, delicious food. It all began in 1999 in Paris, the world capital of gastronomy and veritable culinary crossroads.

 40gr smoked whole black Kampot pepper sourced from Cambodia. 


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