Wellbeing Blanket

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Wellbeing is a selection of comforting textile products that support the human experience. All items focus on feel, materiality, craftsmanship and quality. They provide warmth, softness and comfort to interior environments, and a connection with the senses. The collection uses traditional techniques and handcrafted details that make the ordinary special.

Wellbeing is the product of a comprehensive study of local fibers, natural materials and techniques. Designed by academic and creative director Ilse Crawford, this collection based on touch, craftsmanship and respect for the environment is made without bleach or dyes. Wellbeing takes us back to the basics, to a tactile beauty that awakens the senses and connects us with our inner selves.

The blanket made with silk and linen has a unique texture and shine.

Hand loomed throw in 55% Linen and 45% Silk. 

W130 x L170 cm. 


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