Geelong Extra Fine Lambswool Throw

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These throws are crafted from extra-fine Geelong Merino Lambswool, a special wool from the first shear of a breed of Australian sheep originally bred in the Geelong region of Australia. Comparable to cashmere for micron measure and softness, Geelong Lambswool is traceable to a source of humane animal husbandry. 

Located in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada, the Macgee Cloth Company is a bespoke textile company specializing in blankets and throws made on antique English shuttle looms. These throws have a true selvedge edge which can only be made by a shuttle loom weaving a continuous weft thread. They have sourced and imported Dobcross looms from Wales and Yorkshire in the UK, manufactured from 1936 to 1953 as well as a Charlesworth warper from 1899 to craft blankets in the great tradition of heirloom weaving.

Woven 100% Geelong merino lambswool blanket featuring a fringe and a soft textured pattern. 

Approximate size W60 x L64". Made in British Columbia, Canada. 


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