Macgee Cloth Co.

An Heirloom Blanket Woven In Canada 

Located in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada, the Macgee Cloth Company is a bespoke textile company specializing in blankets and throws made on antique English shuttle looms. Their blankets have a true selvedge edge which can only be made by a shuttle loom weaving a continuous weft thread. Magee Cloth has sourced and imported Dobcross looms from Wales and Yorkshire in the UK manufactured from 1936 to 1953 as well as a Charlesworth warper from 1899 to craft blankets in the great tradition of heirloom weaving.

The company was started with the desire to create a blanket in the tradition of heirloom textiles craft but with transparent sourcing and environmentally sound provenance. The blanket throws are made from 50% English Lambswool and 50% Ring-spun, organically grown, North American cotton. TheLambswool is from Gledhill Spinners in Yorkshire, UK, a family-owned wool spinning company in business for nearly 80 years. The wool is 100% new superfine 21.5-micron lambswool.

Macgee Cloth uses ring-spun cotton from Hill Spinning, a family-owned mill and one of two spinners in North America who ring-spin cotton. Ring-spun cotton uses an older, slower spinning method which produces a stronger and softer yarn than the open-end spinning used in high production textile industries. The cotton we use is grown organically by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative and certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Geelong Extra Fine Lambswool Throw
Macgee Cloth Company
Regular price $742.70 Exclusive
Herringbone Lambswool Throw
Macgee Cloth Company
Regular price $660.18 Exclusive
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