Zettel'z Suspension Light

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The Zettel'z is one of Ingo Maurer’s best-known lamps. It gives the user plenty of room for his or her own creativity. It can be set up in various ways depending on the placement of the thin rods. The blank sheets of paper supplied with it are designed to be used for your own messages or sketches.

Zettel'z 5 is supplied with 31 printed and 49 unprinted sheets in A5 size. The Japanese paper is very thin and translucent. Make sure you take the time to assemble the rods and to select and design the sheets! A good Zettel'z requires time and demands your creativity! 

Zettel'z 6 is a smaller version of the Zettel'z 5. In contrast to the Zettel’z 5, the Zettel'z 6 has just one bulb and does not provide any direct downward light.

Zettel'z 6 is supplied with 40 printed and 40 unprinted sheets in A6 size. A packet of 80 sheets can be ordered subsequently. 

Suspension light with a stainless steel frame, satin frosted glass and Japanese paper cards.  Halogen bulbs and North American adapter plate included. 

Zettel'z 5 requires two light sources: an uplight and a downlight. 

Approximately 120 x 120 cm.

Light Source 2 x E27, max. 250 resp. 75 W.

Zettel'z 6 requires one light source and provides uplight only. 

Light source  E27, max. 250 W

Approximately 80 x 80 cm. Available in two cable lengths. 


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