Plateau Soap Dish

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Specialized in the art of bamboo since 1898, Kohchosai Kosuga combines the classic and the modern to propose new styles of bamboo craft while protecting tradition. Since its establishment in Kyoto, five generations of makers have supplied the imperial family and other families of the Japanese court in bamboo objects and incense.

Working with bamboo as a raw material for generations, Kohchosai Kosuga has developed a wide variety of original products with a unique philosophy: “creating bamboo crafts to enrich lives”. From artistic handicrafts to daily items, all products are handcrafted in house

The Plateau Collection is a collection of room accessories designed by the danish studio OEO in collaboration with Kohchosai Kosuga's traditional craftmenship techniques. 

The soap dish inspired by Japanese landscapes is carved from laminated bamboo

Laminated bamboo soap dish. Ø9 x 2 cm.


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