Bell Chair

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Bell is not only a monobloc chair. It is a symbol of responsibility.

It is produced with recycled polypropylene, which is obtained from the waste generated by Magis’ own furniture production and from the local car industry. The patented material excludes almost all “virgin or new” materials and can be 100% recycled again after use. This way, Bell Chair forms an almost closed material cycle.

The chair weighs just 2.7 kilograms, making it at least one and a half kilos lighter than average plastic chairs. This fact is testament to the use of less material and causes less energy consumption during production. The key to this saving lies in its inge- nious shell shape of the chair. Its bulbous geometry is not only structurally strong, it also makes the chair extraordinarily comfortable and visually appealing.

Bell Chair is made with versatility in mind and can be used indoors, outdoors, for commercial use, events, and many other settings. It is meant to be used in cre- ative, unconventional and innovative ways.

Stacking outdoor chair made out of recycled polypropylene.

W55 x D53.5 x H78 cm. Seat height 45 cm.


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