All We Want Is More: The Tobias Wong Project

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All We Want Is More: The Tobias Wong Project is an invitation to revisit Wong’s artistic contribution with fresh eyes. Recent social, environmental and technological events have transformed the way we see the world and inevitably the way we see Tobias Wong’s work. The title of the exhibition and accompanying catalogue refers not only to his interest in conspicuous consumption but also to what we, the exhibition team, felt as we worked on this project: the more we delved into Wong’s work, the more we wanted to know about him.

This catalogue of Wong's work is produced for the launch of "All We Want is More: The Tobias Wong Project" exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver.

In the early 2000s, Tobias Wong (1974–2010) took the design world by storm. Born and raised in Vancouver, Wong was a brilliant and prolific artist whose career was all too short. Defying easy categorization, his work was wide ranging, pushing and dissolving disciplinary boundaries between conceptual art, performance and product design. Wong’s international career took off and developed in New York City, where he resided until his untimely death in 2010.

Wong’s work was irreverent, witty and thought provoking. He edited pieces by famous designers, appropriated brand imagery and tweaked everyday objects to give them new status and meaning. His work questioned notions of authorship, originality and the value we assign to objects in our lives. 

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